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The Old West in

There are many fun and exciting things to do in Cody, Wyo. ” from nightly rodeos to one of the best museums in the United States, to a day trip at our nation’s first National Park, Yellowstone. While these activities are great and well known to most, there is always something to be said for those little hidden gems, especially when they’re free.

Historic Wyoming Territory and Tecumseh’s Frontier Trading Post is just such a place. The centerpiece is a miniature Wyoming Territory. Detailed scenes showing significant events in western history from Custer’s Last Stand to Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show are depicted in miniature, with exacting detail. Tiny soldiers, horses, bison, wagons, and towns recreate life on the frontier. No detail has been overlooked, from minute pots of food cooking over a campfire to animal skins being stretched and tanned.

Several of the scenes include working trains. Visitors can operate the trains, chugging through towns and tunnels and over hills and bridges. Pick up a map to guide you around Wyoming Territory or listen to the audio histories that are available at the touch of a button.

The walls of the building encompassing the miniature territory are lined with extensive displays of Indian and old west artifacts. With the exception of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, I’ve seen few Native American Indian collections as large. There are also several exhibits displaying animals form the area.

Tecumseh’s Frontier Trading Post is usually the last stop in case you want to purchase old-fashioned candies, western souvenirs, elk antlers, antiques or a host of other interesting items. Overall, the place was a lot of fun and well worth the stop, especially for children.

Historic Wyoming Territory and Tucumseh’s Frontier Trading Post is located on the West Cody Strip, on the road to Yellowstone National Park. For more information call (307) 587-5362.


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