The Voice: Rural Colorado’s Frihauf auditions and joins Stefani’s team |

The Voice: Rural Colorado’s Frihauf auditions and joins Stefani’s team

Lauren Frihauf auditioned for and earned a place on the television show The Voice.
Photo courtesy Lauren Frihauf

When Lauren Frihauf, a 17-year old singer/songwriter who lives near Byers, Colo., auditioned for The Voice, she was hoping for just a single chair turn — just enough to get a spot on the show after the blind auditions.

When she wrapped up her version of Melissa Etheridge’s Come to my Window, she had two chair turns and was able to choose between Gwen Stefani and John Legend, her two favorite coaches on the popular television show. It was, she said, a really tough decision, but she chose Stefani.

Frihauf and her mom, Shelley, spent time taping in Las Angeles, Calif., and even though they weren’t able to see the sights due to COVID, there’s no doubt it was a lot different than home. The rest of her family was able to watch from home and their reaction was broadcast live.

“It was an amazing experience,” she said. “Totally unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”

The family farm they live on is about an hour and a half from Denver, where Frihauf was able to participate in vocal training, rehearsals and live performances. It’s been worth it, she said, and her parents have been supportive and are lovers of music themselves.

“Being in this environment has allowed me to be extremely creative,” she said. “I’ve listened to so many different genres of music. My parents have played a lot of classic rock at home and I think a lot of kids my age aren’t interested in that kind of music, but I was very influenced by the music they listened to.”

Frihauf realized music was where she wanted to concentrate her efforts several years ago. She stopped participating in sports and was able to focus on music, made possible in part through her home schooling schedule.

In preparing for the audition, Frihauf said she put a great deal of thought into her song selection. Having seen Etheridge in concert prior to closures, she thought the song she chose would be a good one to perform for the four coaches, all of whom she calls legends. The remaining coaches on this season are country artist Blake Shelton and the award winning Kelly Clarkson, who also navigated a win on a televised singing contest.

In a statement for The Fence Post magazine, Stefani said, “Lauren has so much style, personality and uniqueness in her voice. I was absolutely stunned when I first heard her. I couldn’t be more excited to have her on my team. And to find out she’s only 16 and has so much depth and soul and connections to her heart. She’s a true artist.”

Given the times and the situations created by COVID, Frihauf said choosing “Come to my window” just made sense. She appeared in an online interview with Etheridge this week.

Frihauf couldn’t say whether she had an opportunity to visit further with Stefani, but said seeing the coaches in person is surreal and they’re beautiful and amazing as fans of the show might think.

“It’s an amazing experience, for sure,” she said.

You can follow Frihauf on The Voice or on Facebook at Lauren Frihauf Music. ❖

— Gabel is the assistant editor and reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at or (970) 768-0024.