Things to follow while moving your home |

Things to follow while moving your home

When you plan to move your home to a new place, you have to take note of some important things that make your moving process easy and accordingly. Moving makes you look into many important issues like, selecting a moving company, contracts with them, storage in transit etc.

The following are the important points you need to consider while moving to a new place:

• Hiring a mover: The major task of moving your home is to hire an appropriate mover. When you hire a moving company, get the estimations from various movers and compare the cost and services offered. You have to be cautious about the movers who give you a distinctly low estimation. Hire a good moving company that offers good services for less price

• Get prepared to move: You have to get all your moving preparations done, before your movers arrive. Disconnect all the major appliances like, television, refrigerator and washing machine and make special arrangements to protect them during the transportation. Remove the objects that are fixed to walls and get them ready to load. Make sure to carry your money, jewelry and any important documents along with you.

• Legal contract: There are many issues involved in the moving process, which requires legal documents like, inventory statement and bill of lading. Understand all the statements clearly before signing. The contract makes reference of the conditions and the charges of the mover that are stated in a legal document.

• Condition of your possessions: While loading your possessions, movers will record a checklist regarding the damages, if any. Therefore, while signing on the agreements, verify your possessions with the listed record and mention if you have any objections. Accuracy and clarity of the recorded list, gives you good legal protection for your possessions.

• Delivering shipment: When the mover has loaded all your possessions the truck driver gets your signature on applicable documents. When you sign them, make sure that your belongings that are damaged or lost items are noted on the receipt/sheet. Give directions to the driver to your new home and make them sure about any required details

• Storage in transit (SIT): It is a temporary storage service that stores your possessions when you cannot accept them on the agreed date. For instance, if your new home is not set to let you in, you have to store your possessions for later delivery. Many professional movers provide a storage facility, which will be helpful in your move.

The above considerations help in hiring a good moving company at a less moving quote. It makes you aware of certain essential things in the moving process.

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