Third successful CCA/CSU Ranch Gathering held in 2018 |

Third successful CCA/CSU Ranch Gathering held in 2018

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and Colorado State University are now three for three on successful Ranch Gatherings. The third gathering for 2018 was held Oct. 18 in Salida, Colo., at the historic Hutchinson Ranch. This event was held in partnership with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust and had a special focus on the strong relationship between agriculture and conservation. The Hutchinson Ranch has been operating longer than Colorado has held statehood and has been passed down through six generations. The ranch has continued its operations with the help of a 650-plus acre conservation easement through CCALT and has continued to be a stronghold in the valley’s community.

The evening began with a conservation easement workshop led by CCALT. This allowed attendees to understand the process of creating an easement agreement and how these agreements help future generations continue to run their operations. The workshop was followed by a tour of the Hutchinson Ranch and its historic standing in the valley. CSU and CCA updated the attendees with their current work, including an inspiring testimonial from Tim Canterbury, a former CCA president, on the importance of being a CCA member in the beef industry. Tim finished his speech quickly, as he didn’t want the steak dinners he had prepared to get cold. Attendees then enjoyed great conversation over a delicious dinner.

The event went very well, with over 120 people in attendance, most of whom CCA does not have the opportunity to connect with at statewide meetings. These gatherings are a part of CCA’s effort to travel to areas where there isn’t much local engagement from its members, even in areas with active affiliates. The events make it easier for the leadership and staff of CCA to connect with members and non-members who aren’t able to attend larger events. As an association that reflects the values of the beef industry, events like this showcase a more one-on-one connection from CCA with attendees, a value CCA prioritizes at these gatherings. This gathering was also special in showcasing a strong partnership with local communities through all of the help that the Salida area and local affiliates provided in making this event happen. Whether it was providing funding, grilling steaks, or cleaning up tables/chairs following dinner, this gathering would not have been possible without their help.

CCA would like to thank CCALT and CSU for their partnership in the third Ranch Gathering. CCA would also like to thank Neogen, The Colorado Outdoor Partnership, and Rocky Mountain Livestock Sales Inc. for their sponsorship of the gathering, and all of the local CCA affiliates for their help in running this event. CCA thanks Tim Canterbury and other CCA members who helped grill over 120 steaks for the attendees. Finally, CCA would like to thank the Hutchinsons for their hospitality and opening up their beautiful operation as the background for this event.

CCA and CSU will continue to host Ranch Gatherings in 2019 and look forward to connecting with more members in their home territories next year.


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