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Tillerson to engage TPP countries on U.S. relationship

A day after the remaining 11 countries that were involved in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations signed an agreement to move forward without the United States, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday that the Trump administration “is studying how the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) will affect American workers and America’s interests in the Indo-Pacific region” and will engage with those countries on trade relationships.

President Donald Trump, who withdrew from the TPP negotiations shortly after he took office, has said he would consider joining the TPP if he could get a better deal. But the CPTPP arrangement excludes some provisions that the United States had demanded in the negotiations.

U.S. wheat and meat groups in particular have said that U.S. producers will be at a disadvantages in Asian sales compared with Canada and Australia, which have joined the 11-member alliance.

Bill Reinsch of the Center for Strategic and International Studies told the International Sweetener Colloquium, a meeting of sweetener users, in Orlando last month that it will be very hard for the United States to get a better deal than in the original TPP agreement.

“The longer the United States is out, the parties will be tougher to negotiate with,” Reinsch said.


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