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Time to bring back those great country values

While working my shift in the ER at one of the regional hospitals I stopped to catch my breath and regroup my thoughts. The ER in any hospital can be a busy, busy place. I am only a volunteer but they keep me busy.

I stopped at the nurse’s desk and overheard two nurses talking about one of their daughters. It appears this nurse went to the park with her 14-year-old daughter and was dismayed somewhat with the appearance and conduct of the young men her daughter seemed to be interested in.

“Is that all she is going to have to choose from?” she said to the other nurse.

I opined that maybe she should help her daughter find a “cowboy” if she wanted a better choice.

“We talk slower, but we mean well,” I offered. They both smiled and their faces lit up.

“Oh if only I could find her a young cowboy or even a country boy,” she shot back. “That would be so much better than what I saw the other day.” The other nurse agreed.

Gentle readers that tells me that most likely, many urbanites and city dwellers are trying to turn back the clock somewhat and recover what we seem to be losing as a society. That would be, of course, country values. A time when your word was your bond. You could confirm a deal with a handshake and not be concerned that you would get the short end of the stick. Look around you, that is if your can pull yourself away from your “smart phone” or your iPad or iPod or Blackberry or whatever has your constant attention, and observe how many folks never seem to be looking up anymore.

Nope, even going down the interstate on my Harley it scares me to see how many drivers are going too fast and looking as they text or dial a number on their phone.

Yes, I know that farm and ranch folks have these gadgets also. And, yes, they use them maybe as much as urbanites, that is when they are not building fence, sorting cows, changing the knives on the hay cutter or in general just doing farm and ranch work. All the while they are hard at work they are building foundations for their children to observe and see the value of the end result.

Cowboys or country boys are a good choice for your daughters most of the time. We are not perfect but we do have, I believe, a standard we have been given to navigate this old life and it may be much better than those boys in the park. So, It’s on the Harley and off to the ER, and I trust you will check yer cinch on occasion, stay tuned and could ya send me some rain? I’ll c.y’all, all y’all. ❖


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