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Time to shape up

Yep, gentle readers, it’s time to shape up. Maybe our lives, the garden, the vehicles, the pastures or farmland, but it is that time to start shaping up. Here in Colorado things are taking shape. For example: We are MASKLESS for the most part except for certain places like medical facilities etc. Wow, how did that happen when we thought we would be going through most of the summer having to live our lives under duress? I’ll tell ya what happened. The all-star baseball game is coming to Colorado and when the Coronavirus heard that, why, it just went all scary like and left the state. Well, almost all of it has gone. Funny how that works and I had just heard that Colorado was one of the most infected states. The governor has come up with a scheme to encourage all Coloradoans to get their vaccination. You bet. He is going to have a lottery where anyone that has had one or both vaccinations has the opportunity to win A MILLION DOLLARS! Sure nuff, and you get five chances to win. Yes, not one, not two, three, or four, but five chances to win all that money. All you have to do is tell everyone what a great governor we have here and how happy you are to not only have gotten vaccinated but you won a million dollars. I probably won’t win, but I do have that opportunity. I’ll, of course let you know if I do.

As for me, I’m doing some shaping up here at the ONO. I have not touched this house except to put on a metal roof and paint the outside for 26 years. I am now, at present, having some new flooring put in, new storm doors, door on the tub/shower, and some other little odds and ends that I have been putting off. The flooring is down and it’s the laminated plank (vinal) stuff and it looks like me. A little rustic, but has that western outdoorsie look about it and I really like the way it looks.

We will see more folks on bicycles up and down our county roads. Some of these guys pay attention and some just act as if they dare you to not go around them in a wide circle even when they are in the roadway and not off to the side. They are shaping up. There will be more hikers, joggers and folks out walking their dogs for longer distances. Of course, we will have our rodeos and riding a bull or a bareback horse would not be the way I would want to shape up. Maybe if I was 20 again it might cross my mind. Then again, I don’t remember wanting to do that when I was 20. Those rodeo cowboys and cowgirls are some mighty tough hombres and hombrettes.

Let’s hope that we all can have the opportunity to shape up safely this summer. Many of you will want to go to the coast this summer and when you do, wear your sunscreen, watch out for sharks, motorcycles and loose women! (ha ha ha). I have a few pairs and one bull kicked out on my place and love watchin’ those babies run and play as they get shaped up.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, eat more beef, enjoy what summer brings forth and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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