Time to take away the checkbook

I’m no legislator, nor do I want to be one, but personally, if I reach my debt limit it would be time to take a long, hard look at my finances.

But does congress do that? No, they double down and raise the debt limit so they can spend more money. Do you know why? Because it isn’t their money. That’s right folks it is our money, and they are spending it like a pack of drunken sailors.

What’s sad is that both parties are crying because they didn’t get what they wanted in the debt ceiling debate. Wait, what about us? Did we get what we wanted? After all, it’s our money.

What really galls me is that at the same time they are spending all our money they are also warning us that there may not be any money left in social security to pay us back the millions they’ve been collecting from us since we started working.

I think it’s time to audit every federal office, agency and department and cut out the fat. We might even find that some of those aren’t necessary, the U.S. Department of Education immediately comes to my mind. Every state has a department of education or public instruction, and these agencies know more about our schools and students needs than some gigantic agency in Washington, D.C.

I get it that we need to defend Ukraine against the Russian invasion, but should we be spending billions of dollars that we don’t have to do it? Or should we have stopped the Russians in their tracks before this war even started. Seemed like we had ample opportunity as the convoy of Russian trucks and armored vehicles were traveling into Ukraine and all we did was watch them.

Should we be bailing out companies and banks that fail? Should we be supplying able-bodied people who don’t want to work with money and food? Should we pay back student debt?

Every time a lawmaker decides to spend a few billion dollars, they should ask themselves, “If I were in an arena with thousands of people who voted for me and they started booing and throwing stuff at me when I suggest spending money on something, I should drop it immediately.”

There should also be a mechanism whereby we can immediately fire lawmakers who don’t do what their constituents want. After all they work for us and we pay their salaries and all of their expenses.

Some of what is occurring in congress is or our own doing mainly because we vote in people who aren’t qualified, or we treat them like royalty.

We need to vet the people we vote for like we would someone we hire to manage our money. I talk to many people who are clueless about our government and don’t even know the names of their legislators. Some people don’t even know the difference between a Democrat or a Republican or a liberal and a conservative. And these people are allowed to vote.

We used to be able to depend on the mainstream media to root out dirty politicians but now that they are firmly on the side of liberals, we must take on this task ourselves.

Every student in the U.S. should have to take a class on the workings of the government and how they can get their voices heard.

And in the end, when congress people start spending like they have an unlimited amount of money, we need to take the checkbook away.

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