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Timmerman’s focus on producing good quality horses

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For more information about Timmerman Quarter Horses, see their website: timmermanquarterhorses.com. Irv and Cindy can be reached at 308-230-0545. Roger and Joan can be reached at 308-235-2719.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching a customer bond with a horse.

“It’s just magic,” said Irv Timmerman of Kimball, Neb. “That’s why we are in this business.”

Producing horses with a good, gentle disposition is no easy feat. In fact, it is something the family has worked to improve for years. It was Irv’s brother, Roger, and his wife, Joan, who started Timmerman Quarter Horses south of Kimball, Neb., in the 1970s. Roger and Joan wanted good, working mounts for their children to ride, as well as good producing horses to ride on the ranch and sell.

“About 25 years ago, they came across a gelding that was lucky Blanton bred,” Irv said. “He was a really nice horse, and left quite an impression on them. That’s how we all got interested in the lucky Blanton-bred horses.”

“If you wanted to win at roping, you needed to be on a lucky Blanton horse. It’s been proclaimed that you could show in the morning, rope in the afternoon, and stake race in the evening, on a Blanton-bred mount.”

The lucky Blanton fit well with the operation, and the Timmermans breed the horses on the top and bottom side of the pedigree.

SHS Hesa Wily, by Wily Wimpy, goes back to Driftwood twice on the topside and out of Bubbette Blanton going back to Lucky Blanton on the bottom, is Roger and Joan’s senior stallion. Their junior stallion, SJQC Frosty Blanton is Lucky Blanton, Driftwood and Sun Frost bred.

Timmerman and his wife, Cindy, started their own horse business about 15 years ago, and moved to Kimball from the Front Range in 2008 — a little more than a mile away from Roger and Joan. The families run two separate quarter horse breeding operations, but share a website and market their horses together.

When Irv and Cindy started their Quarter Horse business, they purchased a weanling colt from Wyoming Blanton Enterprises in Pine Bluffs. SHS Espuela Blanton is a son of Red Mark Blanton, Lucky Blanton-bred top and bottom. His dam is a daughter of Blue Light Ike going back to Driftwood on the top and Lucky Blanton on the bottom. He has exceeded their expectations, and serves as their senior stallion. They also partner with Colorado horse breeders, Dave and Doreen Shumpert of X2D

Ranches, on a second stallion, Espuela Tonto, who is a son of Blue light Ike. Both stallions are gray, Lucky Blanton/Driftwood-bred horses and throw lots of color in their foals.

“We went with these lucky Blanton stallions because our first impression of them was their gentle dispositions,” Irv said. “They also have good bone and feet, and an exceptional mind. Once they are broke, you can park them for awhile, and then just get back on and start riding them again. They are quick learners and very versatile.”

According to Irv, Lucky Blanton derived from Bowie, Ariz., where a horse breeder, Burns Blanton, bred this bloodline primarily for roping horses.

“He was very exceptional back in the 1940s,” Irv said. “That is where this Lucky Blanton bloodline stems from. If you wanted to win at roping, you needed to be on a Lucky Blanton horse. It’s been proclaimed that you could show in the morning, rope in the afternoon, and stake race in the evening, on a Blanton-bred mount.”

While Roger and Joan focus on preserving these Blanton bloodlines on the top and bottom side of their horses, Irv and Cindy took a gamble and out-crossed their Blanton sires with other well-known performance horses.

“When we selected our mares, we wanted to get an out-cross with some more current bloodlines like Playgun, Dual Pep, Shining Spark, and Jackie Bee,” Irv said. “We picked these mares because we wanted more versatility in our foals. We hand-selected these mares as weanling, and a few as two-year-olds.”

Irv said most of the mares have been ridden, so they know what kind of mind these mares have before they breed them. Some of the mares have been exceptional.

“We have a granddaughter of Dual Pep that rides really nice,” Irv said. “Some of the mares with the Play Gun bloodlines are also really nice.”

Irv said one of his favorite pairings is a shining spark mare to Espuela Blanton because the fouls have a good mixture of traits.

And what’s most impressive about the foals isn’t the intelligence or build, but how friendly they are.

“When our babies are out in the pasture, we can walk right up to most of them and pet them and scratch them,” he said. “We have really focused on disposition. You can have the nicest horse in the world, but if you can’t catch it, it doesn’t mean much. We also focus on conformation, and we get lots of color in the foals.”

Customers come from as far away as Ohio to purchase foals.

“We are pretty proud of that since we are such a small breeder,” Irv said. “We sell most of our weanlings through our website, and over the internet. Most of the colts are sold by the time they are long yearlings. It isn’t feasible for us to hire someone to train them and haul them to rodeos. We are older, so this is our niche.

The Timmermans sell shipped semen from the Espuela stallions, but are very restrictive of the mares they will take for live cover.

The family said they don’t plan to change anything about the operation they have become so successful at.

“For us, the magic is being able to do what we do, and watching a client and one of our horses really bond,” Irv said. “We’re thankful that we’ve been blessed with such great horses. They’re a pleasure to work with and be around and have allowed us to meet some great people.” ❖


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