Tips to prepare for fall hunting |

Tips to prepare for fall hunting

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
Lincoln, Neb.

Hunters should take advantage of summer as a time to prepare for the fall hunting seasons. The following are some tips that could result in a fun, productive hunting experience:

– Obtain landowner permission to hunt. Knock on doors now in order to be prepared later.

– Scout hunting locations. Summer is a great chance to scout a future deer or turkey hunt.

– Practice wing shooting. Upland bird shooters should get to a gun range and practice their shotgun skills. It should pay off during the hunt.

– Tune up your firearms and archery equipment. Avoid the last-minute rush to the gun shop that could cause you to be without your firearm or bow at the start of the season.

– If you are going to buy new equipment, do it now. Get the equipment you need and practice with it.

“Practice is the key to safe, ethical and responsible shooting,” said Mike Streeter, hunter education coordinator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “We have an obligation to the game we hunt. Ensure that you can say you are an ethical, safe, responsible hunter and always make clean, quick kills and use what you take from the wild.”

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