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Tracey Nazarenus, Crusaders Equestrian Team

It’s the season, it seems to start Nov 1 and end Jan 1. A time when hearts open and our perspective changes so that we want to give, help and make a difference. This season is called Christmastime. There is always someone less fortunate than us. We have a desire to help; it makes us feel good. Christmas season without giving wouldn’t be Christmas at all. This is why we all experience a change during these two months. Imagine if our giving and helping lasted all twelve months. There are so many ways to help; take name tags off Christmas trees, toys for tots and all of the many toy drives throughout Colorado. Churches help out local families while school kids and businesses create new Christmas drives each year. It makes waking up on Christmas morning meaningful. This year many more people are jobless and times are tougher than ever. Giving seems impossible. How do we all get to feel that special, open hearted giving feeling of the season? Remember, it won’t mean Christmas until the giving is done.

This year the Crusaders Equestrian Team and the Brighton Lone Star Steak House have teamed up to collect lightly used clothes and toys for those in need. All of us can look through our houses and make Christmas happen for someone else. It doesn’t involve money at all. Just open your heart and donate all the stuff your family can do without to the Brighton Lone Star. From there the Crusaders will sort and load the items into horse trailers. In and around Brighton on Dec 18th you may see these special trailers filled with clothes and toys on the way to be dropped off to families in need. All of us together can make a difference. Please bring your items to Lone Star 11am-10pm any day by Saturday, December 10. We need lots of items to begin putting our elves to work. As a special note, if you are a family in need or know of one please email us at info@crusadersequestrian.org so we can help. Let’s get busy and see what Brighton’s citizens can do for their community. The Crusaders and Lone Star challenge you to help us with donation items. What you receive in return is “That open hearted feeling”.

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