To make resolutions or not |

To make resolutions or not

Well it’s nearly New Year’s Eve and I’m debating whether to make resolutions.

I typically make resolutions that I know I can achieve like swearing off rutabagas, or promising never to go into a cave full of spiders.

But this year I feel like I need to make some changes like maybe losing some weight, lowering my cholesterol or keeping a sharper eye on my 401k plan so I don’t have any surprises when I finally retire.

Or maybe I should make it easy and resolve to never drink coffee from a dog bowl.

Or maybe I should make resolutions that are somewhere in between difficult and easy like resolving to take my truck to the car wash every week or to go to the dentist regularly. There is nothing I hate worse than going to the dentist. I had my first cavity when I was 50 and it’s been all down hill from there. Oh, and then there was the wisdom teeth extraction and the ensuing dry socket. Good thing I only got two wisdom teeth pulled.

Maybe I should dredge up some of my past resolutions like pledging never to sing on a stage in front of millions of people or promising never to get my last two wisdom teeth pulled.

I could make kind of an overarching resolution like resolving to do my part for world peace — whatever that is.

Or I could make a resolution to make someone else’s life easier like promising to never nag my husband. No, that one is never going to work. Or maybe I should pledge to tell my husband everyday how my day at work went. He’ll love that.

One year I promised to never wear pink. That was all well and good until pink started trending. Along that line, I could promise to wear black everyday because I usually do anyway. I find that it takes less time to match stuff when all you wear is black, grey and white. One day, when I was walking out the door on my way to work, my husband asked me, “Going to another funeral today?” That’s real subtle.

OK, I’m going to go with my first instinct, lose some weight, lower my cholesterol and keep my finances in order. This way, maybe I’ll make it to 2019. ❖