Tofurky, ACLU sue Arkansas over meat labeling law |

Tofurky, ACLU sue Arkansas over meat labeling law

Tofurky, a company that makes a tofu-based “turkey” product, and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing Arkansas over a statelaw that prohibits the labeling of plant-based meat alternatives as “burgers” or “hot dogs.”

The complaint, filed Monday in the Eastern District Court of Arkansas, Western Division, alleges that Arkansas Act 501, which is meant to “require truth in labeling” and “protect consumers from being misled or confused,” violates Arkansans’ civil rights.

The law covers veggie burgers, smoked ham style plant-based deli slices, and vegan sausages. The law also extends to dairy alternatives and vegetable alternatives to grains; nut milks and cauliflower rice would also be subject to fines, NBC News said.

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