Tomato Tart | Marlene Maurer – Lakewood, Colo. |

Tomato Tart | Marlene Maurer – Lakewood, Colo.

1/2 package refrigerated pie dough
2.5 ounces fontina cheese, shredded
1/2 c. pitted kalamata olives, chopped
1/3 c. sliced shallots
3 heirloom tomatoes, seeded and cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices
3 tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 tbsp. cornmeal
1 tbsp. thyme
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 1/4 c. milk
1 1/2 tbsp. grated parmesan cheese
3 large eggs
2 tbsp. fresh basil leaves
1 c. cherry tomatoes, quartered

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Roll dough into a 12-inch circle and press into a 9-inch deep-dish tart pan coated with cooking spray.
Sprinkle with fontina, olives and shallots.
Arrange half of tomato slices over shallots.
Combine flour, cornmeal and thyme; sprinkle over tomatoes.
Top with remaining tomato slices and sprinkle with 3/4 tsp. salt and pepper.
Combine milk, parmesan and eggs; pour into pan.
Bake for 40 minutes or until set.
Let stand 10 minutes and top with basil.
Combine 1/4 tsp. salt and cherry tomatoes.
Slice tart and serve with cherry tomatoes.


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