Tractor overturn protection & prevention |

Tractor overturn protection & prevention

Quick Facts…

– Tractor turnover, overturn or roll-over accidents account for more than 50 percent of tractor related deaths on the farm.

– Most overturn deaths are prevented with seat belts and roll-over protective structures (ROPS).

– Many older tractors are not ROPS-equipped, but ROPS can be purchased from the dealer.

Tractor overturns can be prevented. Tractor operation determines overturns. Stresses caused by vibration, noise, fumes and overwork increase the chances for overturn accidents. Operator enclosures can reduce stresses by filtering air and reducing noise and vibration.

Operating instructions:

– Securely fasten seat belt if the tractor has a ROPS.

– Where possible, avoid operating the tractor near ditches, embankments and holes.

– Reduce speed when turning, crossing slopes, and on rough, slick or muddy surfaces.

– Stay off slopes too steep for safe operation.

– Watch where you are going, especially at row ends, on roads and around trees.

– Do not permit others to ride.

– Hitch only to the drawbar and hitch points recommended by tractor manufacturers.

– Operate the tractor smoothly ” no jerky turns, starts or stops.

– When tractor is stopped, set brakes securely and use park lock if available.


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