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Training Through Trust

Training Through Trust with Franklin Levinson DVD, Produced by Dark Horse Media and

Horse Whisperer Seminars, $59.95

“Franklin Levinson is a quiet man with a passion not only for horses, but also for people, and for developing a partnership between the two.” This description by a clinic attendee in England sums up the focus and goal of this gifted horse trainer who is making a name for himself all over the world. When working with a horse, he states simply, “I’m not looking for obedience, I’m looking for a partnership.”

Franklin’s philosophy is that horses are seeking an appropriate relationship with humans, which stems purely from trust. He believes there are no bad horses, only fearful horses who need to learn to trust. His is a straight forward, loving approach to natural horsemanship that works miracles.

His latest DVD, “Training Through Trust,” is a wonderful introduction to his basic techniques and to working with children and horses together, a training process he calls “Equine Facilitated Learning.” In it you will see Franklin touch the hearts of his clients as he brings horses and humans together in harmony. The focus and excitement he brings to the children as he works with them and their equine friend is truly magical.

According to Franklin, establishing trust with horses is the greatest agenda we can have with them. It is so refreshing to witness this method of training, compared to the dominating, strong-arm tactics of the past. This DVD will give you a better understanding of the relationship between horse and rider, and a whole new perspective on your horse and the companionship you share. I highly recommend it!

To order, go online at or call 970-927-1221.


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