Tree-planting funds are available |

Tree-planting funds are available

LINCOLN, Neb. – Grant funding and technical assistance are available for tree-planting projects in Nebraska through the Trees for Towns Program, the Nebraska Forest Service announced.

The TNT program is part of the ReTree Nebraska initiative. Applications will be accepted until Oct. 1 for projects to be completed in 2011.

“Shade trees are essential to quality of life, one of the wonderful qualities Nebraska is known for. They are often as essential to a community’s well-being as streets and sidewalks, and like them, need to be properly managed, updated and sometimes replaced,” said project coordinator Justin Evertson of the forest service. “Because of weather events, diseases, insect pests and human neglect, the forest canopy of many Nebraska communities has decreased 20 to 40 percent in the last two decades.”

Evertson said the principal goals of the program are to improve species diversity in participating communities; to promote the planting of large-growing shade or evergreen trees; and to foster better maintenance of trees for long-term success.

The grant fund:

– Emphasizes the planting of large-maturing trees (those exceeding 40 feet in height or spread) that provide clear public benefit.

– Has a maximum funding request of $20,000 (a total of $300,000 is available).

– Requires a 50 percent funding match (donated and in-kind goods and services can be included).

– Has an application deadline of Oct. 1; application forms are available on-line at

For additional information, contact Justin Evertson at (402) 472-5045 or

ReTree Nebraska was developed to improve the overall health, sustainability and species diversity of Nebraska’s community forests. More information is on-line at

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