Trump backs off Mexico border shutdown threat |

Trump backs off Mexico border shutdown threat

President Donald Trump today backed off his threat to shut the border with Mexico.

Trump told reporters he would give Mexico a one-year warning on drugs and migrants coming into the United States, The Washington Post reported.

Trump’s threat to close the border had alarmed the agriculture community already reeling from lost sales.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said its members “are relieved by the administration’s announcement today that there will not be an immediate closure of our border with Mexico.”

“That is good news for farmers and ranchers on two fronts – trade and access to agricultural workers,” Duvall added. “Our farm and ranch families continue to face an economic storm that would have become even more severe had the border been closed. Our ability to secure workers through the H-2A program is essential to many of our farmers and growers, and we continue to seek additional improvements to help our farmers secure the workforce they need to grow and harvest their crops and tend their livestock. When it comes to trade, Mexico is an essential partner, and we will continue to push for congressional approval of the USMCA trade agreement.”


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