Trump chooses law school dean for labor secretary |

Trump chooses law school dean for labor secretary

Alexander Acosta

President Donald Trump on Feb. 16 announced the selection of Alexander Acosta, the dean of the Florida International University law school, to be his labor secretary.

Acosta, if confirmed, would become the first Hispanic in Trump’s Cabinet.

Trump’s first nominee for labor, fast-food executive Andrew Pudzer, withdrew on Feb. 15.

In an announcement, the White House noted that Acosta has served in three presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed positions, including as a member of the National Labor Relations Board.

Acosta was the first Hispanic to hold the rank of assistant attorney general and went on to serve as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Since 2013, he has also served as chairman of U.S. Century Bank, the largest domestically owned Hispanic community bank in Florida.

“Throughout his career, Alex Acosta has been a passionate advocate for equal opportunity for all Americans,” Trump said.

“His extensive experience has tremendously impressed me and my team and makes us confident that he will lead the Department of Labor with the utmost competence and determination to support the American worker,” the president said.

“The American worker had been forgotten and left behind. That ended when I became president on Jan. 20. Alex is going to be a key part of achieving our goal of revitalizing the American economy, manufacturing and labor force. I call on the Senate to swiftly confirm this highly qualified and deserving leader so that he can get straight to work for the betterment of the American people.”

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