Trump promises aid to farmers amid USMCA delay |

Trump promises aid to farmers amid USMCA delay

-The Hagstrom Report

President Donald Trump said Thursday that the federal government will provide aid to farmers in the near future.

When a reporter at the White House briefing asked Trump whether he still expects the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade to be implemented July 1 in light of statements from the auto industry that it won’t be ready, Trump said, “We got hit by the virus, and we’ll see where that all goes. But certainly, car production is going to be down for a little while.”

Then he said that USMCA is “ultimately, good for our farmers, great for our farmers.”

And he added, “We’ll be helping our farmers, by the way. We have money going out to our farmers in the pretty near future, having to do with — you see what’s happened. The farmers got hurt very badly by all of this. People are eating less from the standpoint that there’s — no restaurants are open, no businesses are open, no hotels are open. They’ll start to come back. But we’regoing to be helping out our farmers.”