Trump talks farm bill at news conference |

Trump talks farm bill at news conference

At his post-election news conference today, President Donald Trump said the farm bill is working and that he favors passing a new one with “work rules” for beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But Trump said Democrats won’t vote for the stiffer requirements that are in the bill that passed the House with only Republican votes.

“The problem is the Democrats (in the Senate) are not giving us the 10 votes that we need,” he said. “Everybody wants it; the farmers want it — but the Democrats are not approving the farm bill with work rules. We could have a very fast (bill) without the work rules. But we want the work rules in. And the Democrats just do not want to vote for that. So at some point, they’ll have to pay, maybe, a price.”

In reality, both Senate Republicans and Democrats voted for a farm bill that makes some changes to the SNAP program but maintains the current work requirements rather than the stiffer ones in the House bill.

Trump made the comments in reaction to a question from Sarah Mook of RFD-TV.

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