Trump talks to FFA in Indianapolis |

Trump talks to FFA in Indianapolis

In a speech to the Future Farmers of America national convention Saturday, President Trump said his administration is “fighting for our farmers every single day.”
Photo from White House video

President Donald Trump opened a long and rambling speech to the FFA in Indianapolis on by telling the assembled high school students “you’re very smart” to be a future farmer, that the shootings in Pittsburgh were “horrific” and that, “If I can fly on Air Force One, then you can be a really, really successful farmer, right?”

Although commodity prices and farm incomes were at their highest levels throughout most of the Obama administration, Trump said, “My administration is fighting for our farmers every single day. We are replacing unfair trade deals. You have very unfair trade deals, folks. If you look at farming over the last 15 years, it’s a steady decline. There’s no reason for it. It’s not going to be a steady incline. There’s no reason for what happened to farmers. Incredible people.”

Trump also reminded the audience that his administration had stopped the Waters of the United States rule that most farmers dislike, resigned from the Paris climate accord, signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, and launched other trade negotiations.

But in discussing trade, Trump made a couple odd references to U.S. farm exports.

According to the White House transcript, Trump won frequent applause when he said of the Chinese, “It’s — you know, they’ve been doing very well against us for 25, 30 years. They’ve been doing beyond well — taking out $500 billion a year out of the United States.

“Would you say that’s a lot? That’s a lot of corn. That’s a lot of wheat. That’s a lot of soybeans. Can’t do that. I said, you can’t do that.

“So we’re in a trade dispute. I want to use that word because it’s a nice, soft word. But we”re going to win. You know why? Because we always win. We always win. We’re American — we always win.

“Although, I must say, with your past leaders, you did not always win. You never won. How we got put in this position in the first place is ridiculous.

“Japan re-opened its market to U.S. exports of meat from sheep and goat for the first time in over 14 years. Anybody in that business? First time in 14 years. Japan. Don’t forget, Japan sends us millions of cars. So now we send them some goat, right? So far, they’re winning. We’re sending them a goat.” ❖

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