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Turkey Season

My name is McCade McDonald. I am 11 years old and we have a ranch in DeBeque, Colo., on Carr Creek. My favorite things are to hunt, ride horses and fish in the creek.

So last year I went down to the Game and Fish Department and got a over the counter tom turkey tag. Opening day I hiked up to the ridge where it is a pinch point where the turkeys come down from roosting to where they feed early in the morning. Since this is in the country there are no people but us, so the turkeys have no pressure, but us. So when I got to the top I could see our house and the turkeys were in the yard. There were about 40 of them. I could not close the deal on any one of them.

The next day it rained and hailed until 11 a.m. so I just rode my horse after it stopped because the turkeys weren’t showing that day. That night we ate fried chicken and corn on the cob. The next day we went up to feed the horses and there were four hens and one jake. I got my bow and my binoculars and headed off. I got to about 60 yards and a crow flew over and crowed. Crows are enemies of the turkeys. Crows eat young turkeys and their eggs. So when he crowed, the jake gobbled and so did another turkey. It was a turkey I call Gezzer because he is so old and has a giant beard. I have been hunting for a couple years so I took the risk and left the Jake for Geezer. By the time I got on him it was 4 p.m. so I followed him until dark and I put him to roost.

The next day was branding and vaccinating day so I could not hunt because we were working cattle that day. Us kids used our short lunch break to go swimming in the creek.

We rode the fence the next day to see if there were any calves that did not get branded and we had a late calf that we found where we would least expect an old cow and calf to be. We found some broken fence so we had to go repair the fence for a little while. The day is over now.

The next day, I get to go hunting again. I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning so I had plenty of time to get to where Geezer went to roost a few nights ago. The turkeys were talking well before sunrise. The first turkey I had to come by was a young Tom. Thwack!!! The arrow was released and the turkey dropped to the ground like a 40-foot tree falls to the ground. I had some decoys there and a huge turkey came by and hit my jake decoy to the ground and kept on walking. I guess that is what you get for shooting the first turkey that walks by.

That night we ate turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh trout from the creek and corn on the cob. I cannot wait until next turkey season.

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