Twedt Red Angus Annual Bull Sale |

Twedt Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

Great lunch served by Kate Twedt, Kathi Anderson and Bev Twedt. By Dennis Ginkins

TFP Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: 02/02/2021

Location: at the Ranch McHenry, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


65 Yearling Red Angus Bulls averaged $6831

6 Two Year-Old Red Angus Bulls Averaged $5500

18 Bred Heifers averaged $3486

53 commercial Heifer Calves averaged $1452

Jolyn and Chris Wasem at the Twedt Red Angus Annual Bull Sale in McHenry, N.D. Photo by Dennis Ginkins

Sale Highlights

Lot 6 at $27,500 STRA GENERAL 0150, Dob 3-15-2020

Reg 4331071, STRA General 882 x STRA Bandito 8132

sold to Kenner Simmentals, Leeds, North Dakota

Lot 1 at $20,000 STRA Hard Drive 0211 Dob 2019-2020

Reg 4343887, Bieber Hard Drive Y120 x Larson Flow Marie

sold to Logan Harding Tolna, North Dakota

Lot 2 at $16,000 STRA SENECA 022, Dob 2-17-2020

Reg 4330969, RREEDS Seneca 731C, x STRA Tina 662,

sold to Rohrichs Cutting Edge Ranch , Steele, North Dakota

Lot Lot 5 at $ 16,000 STRA GENERAL 006 Dob 2-15-2021,

Reg 4331099, STRA General 882 x STRA Colleen 854

Sold to Missouri River Red Angus, Watford City, North Dakota

Lot 4 at $14,000 STRA SENECA 041 Dob 2-20-2020

Reg 4331161, RREDS SENECA 731C x Bieber Laura 158W

sold to H T Cattle, North Dakota


Frosty February day did not stop a full house of bidders from coming out to bid on a outstanding group of Red Angus Bulls.

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