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U.S., China reach beef-poultry agreement

China is supposed allow the importation of U.S. beef by July 16 and the United States is supposed to publish a rule on the importation of China origin cooked poultry, the Commerce Department said.

The agreements are the result of the 100-day action plan that is part of the bilateral Comprehensive Dialogue created when President Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi last month.

U.S. Cattlemen’s Association President Kenny Graner said he group “applauds President Donald J. Trump, Secretary Perdue, and members of the House and Senate for making U.S. beef access to China a priority issue and appreciates the efforts by all to see this agreement through to completion.”

“Market access to China is crucial for U.S. cattle producers,” Graner said. “Success in this arena will drive the U.S. cattle market and increase demand for U.S beef. USCA looks forward to working with this administration to establish U.S. beef access to China during the final rounds of these technical consultations.”

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