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United Fresh wants food crediting rules to stay the same

The United Fresh Produce Association plans to tell the Agriculture Department that the current food crediting rules in USDA nutrition programs should remain the same, The Packer reported.

USDA has invited public comment on how institutions that serve meals are credited with providing certain foods that are required to be served under USDA rules.

The Packer noted that one of the questions USDA is asking is “What are the benefits and negative impacts of having different crediting values for different forms of vegetables and fruits?”

Mollie Van Lieu, senior director for nutrition policy at the United Fresh Produce Association, said “As of now, our ask would be to maintain the crediting as is, maintain the requirements to serve fruits and vegetables in the volume as it currently stands,” The Packer reported.

School meals rules under the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act require schools to serve fruits and vegetables.

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