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UNL’s Block and Bridle names Paul Engler Hall of Fame Honoree

LINCOLN, Neb. – Paul Engler, CEO of Cactus Feeders, the largest privately owned fed-cattle producer in the world, was honored as the 77th member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Block and Bridle Hall of Fame.

The Block and Bridle Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made commendable contributions to Nebraska agriculture through leadership, service, youth projects and community activities.

Engler started out in the livestock industry at age 13 by purchasing 100 head of cattle and used the proceeds from the sale of cattle to attend the University of Nebraska. He credits the university’s Department of Animal Science and the experience he received as an incentive for the many things he has accomplished in his career.

He has spent his life actively promoting the cattle industry, receiving a number of awards and recognitions throughout the years. He has created and designed many operational and technical innovations which have significantly changed the industry.

Engler is most recognized for his focus on formula or value-based method for beef marketing which he created in 1987 and is still used today.

He is willing to help youth get their foot in the door to the cattle industry. He recently set up an Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program at UNL, donating $20 million. He is willing to talk to students as a guest lecturer for various classes and has offered many feedlot internships at Cactus Feeders over the years.

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