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Upcoming Nebraska Farmers Union Convention agenda highlights announced

LINCOLN, Neb. — “Eyes on the Horizon, Boots in the Soil” is the theme for the 105th annual Nebraska Farmers Union state convention. John Hansen, NeFU President said, “We made the decision to move our state conventions around the state to encourage more of our statewide membership to participate. We are excited to be in Lincoln for the first time in decades. The Marriott Cornhusker is an exceptional facility. On the business side, our delegates and members will do the nuts and bolts work of electing our officers, selecting our delegates to the National Farmers Union Convention, and setting our policy. Our theme reflects our focus on creating new economic opportunities for farm and ranch families while maintaining our core values and tie to the land.”

Friday morning highlights include hearing from new Nebraska Ethanol Board Administrator Sarah Caswell and retiring Administrator Todd Sneller discuss Nebraska’s cutting edge case study on the use of 30 percent ethanol in non-flex fuel state vehicles. In addition, Caswell and National Farmers Union Senior Vice-President Rob Larew of Public Policy will discuss federal Renewable Fuels Standards issues that are critical to corn utilization and expanded ethanol use. Larew will be the Friday noon luncheon keynote speaker as he presents NFU’s year of legislative efforts and issues.

Friday afternoon will feature:

· Three chapter authors of the book “In Defense of Farmers: the Future of Agriculture in the Shadow of Corporate Power” scheduled for release spring 2019.

· Five Nebraska Public Power officials on the challenges and opportunities facing Nebraska Public Power.

· A panel of newly elected and current state senators on issues facing the upcoming legislative session.

The Friday evening banquet keynote speaker will be well known author John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri. The entertainment will feature “The Audacious Nebraska Descendants of DeWitty” documentary re-enactors and traveling photo exhibit. “We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Ikerd as our keynote speaker. We think our members will really enjoy learning about the Descendants of DeWitty. The photo exhibits depict scenes from black homesteaders who lived in the Sandhills of Nebraska between Valentine and Thedford beginning in 1904. The re-enactors will bring those photos, the courage of those homesteaders, and fascinating part of Nebraska homesteader history to life,” Hansen said.

Saturday morning representatives from the Nebraskans United for Property Tax Reform and Education coalition will share their perspectives on the challenges current state law places on small, medium, and large schools. The Nebraskans United coalition’s goals are to adequately fund education while providing real property tax relief. Speakers include: Jordan Rasmussen — Center for Rural Affairs; Jack Moles, executive director — NE Rural Community Schools Association; Mike Lucas, superintendent of York Public Schools & STANCE (Schools Taking Action for NE children’s Education); Rob Winter, executive director — Greater NE Schools Association; Michael Dulaney, executive director-NE Council of School Administrators, and Al Davis, board of directors, Independent Cattlemen of NE & NeFU.

Registration is $35 and begins at 8 a.m. Friday and Saturday mornings. Convention begins at 9 a.m. Friday and 8:30 a.m. Saturday. As always, all members and the public are welcome. More information is available at: http://www.nebraskafarmersunion.org or call (402) 476-8815. Call (402) 474-7474 for room reservations.

The NeFU Convention room rate is $99 per night and includes a complimentary hot breakfast.

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