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Update on Tripp County, S.D., herd found with TB

SD TB Update – Tripp Co. herd

– All adult cattle in the index herd that reacted to the initial TB test have been removed with federal indemnity. These animals were euthanized and rendered.

– To date, 40 animals have been confirmed infected with TB, including the index cow identified at slaughter.

– We are working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture on a plan for disposition of the remaining animals in the herd. (sell to slaughter vs. test and remove)

– Herd testing is complete for eight of 10 adjacent herds, with no findings of TB.

– Six states have received notification of animals that left the index herd sometime in the past five years. A majority of these trace-outs were feeder cattle or cull cows in slaughter channels, but there are some replacement heifers as well. Traces within the state are also being investigated.

– GFP continues to lead surveillance efforts in wildlife.


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