USCA: Faults in the USDA Brazilian Beef Audit Report |

USCA: Faults in the USDA Brazilian Beef Audit Report

WASHINGTON — The United States Cattlemen’s Association sent a letter yesterday to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service requesting clarification on faults found within the Brazilian beef audit, conducted May 15 to June 2, 2017, and just recently released to the public.

USCA strongly opposes the reopening of trade with Brazil, given the finding of blood clots, bone chips and abscesses in beef imported from the country. These findings prove that Brazil mitigation efforts currently in place are not sufficient to keep products that carry foot and mouth disease (FMD) out of the country.

USCA Animal Health Committee Chairman Dwight Keller issued the following statement:

“USCA is requesting answers on specific questions that arose as our Animal Health Committee read through the nearly 50-page report. We have been in ongoing discussions with the administration since the reopening of our borders to Brazilian beef products.

“In June 2017, we met with USDA FSIS and APHIS to express our concern with the lifting of the ban, citing specific instances in which Brazil has proven time and time again to be a bad actor in the global marketplace. Not even two weeks following our meeting, USDA imposed the ban on imported Brazilian beef products.

“We’d like to reiterate that USCA remains strongly opposed to any reopening of beef trade with Brazil. The final audit report included horrific examples of a lack of equivalent food safety standards and protocols, at even the most basic level. We look forward to receiving further clarification from the administration on our submitted requests.”


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