Variety of vendors to visit at Cheyenne Frontier Days |

Variety of vendors to visit at Cheyenne Frontier Days

Katie Schenck with Steamboat Ranchwear shows the holters inside one of the concealed vests for sale on July 27 at Cheyenne Frontier Days. When selling products at events, vests and purses for concealing purposes are available for purchase.
Photo by Samantha Fox |

Steamboat Ranchwear

Located in Steamboat Springs, Colo., the shop features Western-styled clothing and boots. Conceal to carry purses are also available.

Items are available online at Some items, like the conceal vests are not available to buy online, but those interested can email

Steamboat Ranchwear also is available for purchase at a number of events, like Cheyenne Frontier Days, National Western Stock Show and National Finals Rodeo. Frontier Days is the only summer event.

While the rodeo was the main attraction, the vast number of vendors at the 2017 Cheyenne Frontier Days gave people a reason to show up early and stay a while after.

There was food, of course, but the goods available ranged from jewelry to cowboy hats to information on the University of Wyoming. It wasn’t far between Western clothing vendors, but in the Exhibit Hall, there’s something extra added to the clothing and purses.

Steamboat Ranchwear sold purses and some clothing that were made to accomodate concealed carry. There were vests and coats with holsters for men and women. Katie Schenck, of Boyero, Colo., was working on July 27 at Frontier Days, and has worked for Steamboat Ranchwear for four years. This year was the third year in a row its products were sold at Frontier Days.

“This is our best year selling in the three years,” Schenck said.

While the store in Steamboat Springs, Colo., focuses on Western wear and boots, when at events like Frontier Days concealed carry products are popular.

Schenck said there have been a lot more women interested in buying the products. She attributed the increase in women’s interest to their larger awareness of self-defense.

One of the features the purses include is a layer of insulation, which makes it hard for someone to spot the weapon. But that insulation is versatile enough that — if the purse is the right size — it can easily protect a tablet if you’re traveling, Schenck said.

You can just as easily put a taser gun in the concealed pocket, as well. Mace can be too big to keep in the concealed pocket, but most bags can still easily store sprays.

It’s all about protection. That’s why the straps are sturdier, too. The bags are made to prevent someone from easily stealing or pickpocketing.

“You’re always going to have the criminal. You can be behind the wheel (of a vehicle) without a license,” Schenck said, adding that driving a vehicle is also dangerous, especially when someone isn’t knowledgeable.

That’s why, when it comes to public perceptions of guns in general, Schenck said education is the most important factor.

But Schenck’s job wasn’t to talk guns. She was one of the many people selling products during Frontier Days; it just happened she sold products that aren’t easy to find.❖

— Fox is a reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at, (970) 392-4410 or on Twitter @FoxonaFarm.


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