Visiting Sally was a relaxing trip |

Visiting Sally was a relaxing trip

We are a couple of car loads of over-the-hill-but-still-see-the-road gals that love a short trip to an interesting place. We hit the jack-pot last week, and it was no casino!

The occasions for our get-togethers can be a birthday, a pre-Christmas party or even just a simple Tuesday. This being my birthday, I let the others do the planning. They knew of a place in Bloomfield, Neb., just a few miles from our homes near Crofton, in the northeast corner of the state, that is quite famous for the collection of antiques. They also serve desserts and coffee. Okay, that’s fine, any place where we can drink coffee or tea and sit and talk is a good place. My close friend, Chris, picked up my two sisters and me and headed to meet the rest of our gang. The side pleasure to this was driving along the road that runs right through the new Nebraska ‘windfarm.’ Those huge turbines are so white and graceful and that many together are awesome, not the usual scary looking structures of today’s technology.

We arrived in town, drove up Main Street and located “Sally’s Antiques and Sweets.” At first I wasn’t too impressed, until we walked inside. Other times I have been dragged to a similar-sounding place and it ended up resembling a garage full of junk. I know there are excellent ones out there, I just never hit the right ones. This time was different.

The shop is a rather narrow but long and high building. Doesn’t sound too cozy does it? But it is. Two stories high with stairs leading to the upper deck, being a loft that is wrapped around three walls. The main floor is divided into two large rooms, with what I assumed is a kitchen to the very back. We were just loving every section. So many, thousands I should guess, rare and lovely pieces were displayed like an early 1800-1900 home. The dusting alone has to be an on-going occupation for three people.

‘Sally’ greeted us, a perfect example of someone who loves her work. I always appreciate that. Our hostess was available if we asked some questions and could make her answers so interesting. After about 15 minutes she informed us lunch was ready. In the adjoining room she had set a beautiful antique dining table for eight, with some of her finest china and glassware, table linens and a floral arrangement. She served us coffee and an assortment of sweetbreads before bringing out a wonderful chicken/dressing casserole and tiny carrots. Pumpkin pie or cheesecake was the dessert. Sally never hurried herself or us. When asked if we needed to move on, she told us she didn’t close until 5 o’clock and we were welcome to stay until then if we chose.

We spread out to enjoy all of the special settings she has made for her ‘finds’ to capture their original purpose. Some of us found and purchased a real treasure. I was especially interested in the many hats she had laying on a quilted bed, on the dressers, hanging from wall hooks and peeking out of wardrobes. A dress-makers form or two held clothes from another time, matching the surroundings. Everything from a pair of lace gloves to an iron cookstove can be found at Sally’s. The whole place has the feeling of folks that had just left for church and would be home again for dinner.

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