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Wagonhammer Ranches Total Performance Production Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 03/16/2022

Location: Bartlett, Neb.

Auctioneers: Tracy Harl and Charly Cummings

Jay Wolf introduces the entire Wagonhammer Ranch crew.


Sale Averages:

55 head Fall Angus Bulls Avg. $5,168.00

110 head Spring Angus Bulls Avg. $4,450.91

5 head Fall Char. Bulls Avg. $5,600.00

20 head Spring Char. Bulls Avg. $5,150.00

11 head Spring Simm. Bulls $5,363.64

201 head Of Bulls Avg. $4,795.27

10 head Angus Bred Heifers Avg. $3.555.50

29 head Open Angus Heifers Avg. $2,474.14

8 head Open Char. Heifers Avg. $1,962.50

1 head Open Simm. Heifers Avg. $6,700.00

48 head Females Avg. $2,702.08

249 Total Head Avg. $4,391.77

From Angus to Charolais the pens were active with people looking at the sale offering.

Top Bulls:


Lot 3 WAR Accomplishment J4022 ET Sold for $17,000.00 to Hoffman Angus Farm – Wheatland, ND

Lot 54 WAR Stellar B501 J4016 ET Sold for $12,000.00 to ADR Cattle Company – Roanoke, VA

Lot 1 WAR Accomplishment J4002 ET Sold for $12,000.00 to JK Angus – Montrose, SD

Lot 35 WAR Plus One J160 Sold for $12,000.00 to 2 W Ranch – Colorado Springs, CO

Lot 32 WAR Choice Plus J129 Sold for $12,000.00 to 2 W Ranch – Colorado Springs, CO

Top Charolais Bulls:

Lot 186 WR Redemption Z610 J4606 Sold for $17,000.00 to Boyert Show Cattle – Plesantville, IA

Lot 202 WR Kingsman H4103 ET Sold for $12,000.00 to Third Verse Ranch – Melrose, MA

Lot 185 WR Redemption Z610 J4605 Sold for $12,000.00 to 4605 Group – Kansas City, KS

Sim-Angus Bulls:

Lot 212 WR Judge X224 J4714 ET Sold for $8,000.00 to Stuart Gilbertson – Kearney, NE

Top Angus Heifers:

Top Open Heifer

Lot 219 WAR Duchess B501 J4017 ET Sold for $6,500.00 to ADR Cattle Company – Roanoke, VA

Top Bred Heifer

Lot 257 WAR Duchess B501 H4010 ET Sold for $7,500.00 to Michael Mailander – Albion, NE

Top Sim- Angus Heifers:

Lot 256 WR Blackbird X224 J4724 ET Sold for $6,700.00 to G4 Ranch – Albion, NE

Lunch time before the sale started gave time to visit and enjoy a good meal.


The Wagonhammer Ranches brought together a great sale offering from Angus to Charolais and Sim-Angus bulls and females the quality of cattle was deep in each breed. The crowd was good and filled the stands.


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