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Webinar focused on producing forage on cropland will be held Feb. 13

-UNL Extension

LINCOLN, Neb. — An upcoming webinar from Nebraska Extension will focus on the economics of producing forage on cropland. The webinar is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. CST.

According to Beef Systems Specialist Mary Drewnoski, current corn prices and limited availability of perennial grass have some producers wondering if growing forages on cropland might be the answer to feeding the cow herd.

“Nebraska Extension is currently receiving many questions from producers and ag lenders about the economics of using cropland to produce forages,” Drewnoski said. “This webinar will answer these questions and provide economic examples to use when making a decision.”

Common questions from producers include:

I can’t find enough pasture. Are annual forages economical?

Will growing corn or annual forages net more income?

Is converting a pivot to perennial grass economical when I’m in need of pasture?

The integrated systems production team including Jay Parsons, biosystems agriculture economist, Daren Redfearn, forage and crop residue specialist, along with Drewnoski, will be ready to answer questions during the webinar.

There is no cost to participate. Registration is required in advance. To register, visit https://unl.zoom.us/meeting/register/c0c47d7ec3f053127c24e00bf0acd2b8.

After registering, a confirmation email will be sent containing instructions to join the meeting.