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WEBO Angus Annual ‘Turning Grass Into Greenbacks Bull Sale’

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 04/05/2022

Location: At the ranch, Lusk, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Loyal customers were able to purchase high quality cattle from WEBO Angus.


60 Bulls Averaged $4080

13 Two-Year-Old Bulls Averaged $5096

47 Yearling Bulls Averaged $3798


Lot 0212 at $7500, WEBO SENSATION 0212, 3/17/20, VERMILION JAC SENSATION 8807 x BASIN PAWEIGHT 1682, Sold to Joe Netz-Lost Springs, Wyoming

Lot 0200 at $7250, WEBO SENSATION 0200, 3/13/20, VERMILION JAC SENSATION x SITZ INVESTMENT 660Z, Sold to Moen Ranch-Lusky, Wyoming

Lot 0244 at $7000, WEBO SENSATION 0244, 4/10/20, VERMILION JAC SENSATION 8807 x RB TOUR OF DUTY 177, Sold to Moen Ranch-Lusk, Wyoming

Lot 138 at $7000, WEBO SPUR 138, 2/21/21, VERMILION SPUR B024 x MCD EFFECTIVE 789, Sold to Andy Moore-Douglas, Wyoming

Lot 191 at $7,000, WEBO BLACK EAGLE 191, 2/27/21, GRANGER BLACK EAGLE 822 x WEBO JOSEY DELL 7205, Sold to James Hall-Gillette, Wyoming

Lot 1214 at $7000, WEBO BANK NOTE OLM 1214, 3/21/21, BOWMAN BANK NOTE 857 x WEBO OM NIGHTHAWK 8176, Sold to Donna Hall- Lost Springs, Wyoming

Lot 198 at $7000, WEBO PLAYBOOK 198, 2/28/21, TEX PLAYBOOK 5437 x VDAR REALL WINDY 4097, Sold to Joe Netz-Lost Springs, Wyoming


WEBO Angus hosted the Annual ‘Turning Grass into Greenbacks Bull Sale’ April 5, 2022, at the ranch outside of Lusk, Wyo. Buttons York, along with family and crew, offered up a powerful and consistent set of Angus bulls featuring genetics built around efficiency and performance. Loyal WEBO Angus customers were able to invest in the future of their operations by replacing older bulls with younger bulls at an affordable price. Congratulations on a great sale!


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