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Weed seed concerns face millet producers

The Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WFBI) Association has been notified of a stop sale situation in Idaho due to concern of noxious and invasive weed seeds in millet crops.

The WFBI is actively establishing quality standards for birdseed, suet and feeders. A committee has been established to address the following points:

– Determine the origin of the weed seed in the products found to be in violation

– Develop and/or improve methods of removing weed seeds in grains currently in storage and produced for the industry

– Notify the handlers, producers, and the packagers of wild bird seed products and grains that may contain the weed seeds of concern

– Enhance or possibly determine new methods to eradicate weeds and/or seeds in commercial growing areas.

A recent project of WFBI and an alliance of non-profit and government groups resulted in the Web site: http://www.backyardbirdcare.org. For more information, visit the industry Web site at http://www.wfbi.org.

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