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Weed Spotlight — Baby’s Breath

Tina Booton
Weed Division Supervisor, Weld County Public Works
Baby's breath
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Baby’s Breath is on the watch list. The Colorado Department of Agriculture is monitoring this plant to see how invasive it is and if it should be listed as a noxious weed. Baby’s Breath is a perennial plant whose top growth dries down at the end of the season, breaks off in the wind and tumbles, spreading its seeds.

This escaped ornamental is commonly found in wildflower seed mixes. The plant does not produce flowers until the third year of growth. It can be mildly toxic to pets when sufficient quantities are consumed and can cause mild dermatitis in humans that are allergic to the sap in the plant. If you have any information about this plant in Weld County, please contact Tina Booton through http://www.weldweeds.org. ❖

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