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Weed Spotlight: Japanese Blood Grass

Japanese Blood Grass, also known as Cogongrass, is another grass species that may not be good for Colorado and is on the state’s watch list. The watch list is the state’s opportunity to evaluate a species to determine if it poses an environmental risk to Colorado.

This watch-list species can grow from two to 10 feet tall and is a perennial, warm-season grass that spreads through rhizomes. It has fuzzy, white plume-like seed heads, and prefers shady moist environments, but has been found in dry sites.

It will form a dense monoculture and can grow in elevations up to 6,000 feet. The cultivar “Red Baron” is cold tolerant and may pose a serious threat to Colorado’s natives if it hybridizes. If you have purchased this plant, please do not release it in the wild.

If the plant has reproduced too much or if your landscaping choices have changed, plan on composting the excess material or sending it to the landfill. To report any sightings of this plant outside of yards, please contact Tina Booton through http://www.weldweeds.org.❖