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Weed Spotlight: Prickly lettuce

Tina Booton
Weed Division Supervisor, Weld County Public Works

Last year, I had a large number of complaints on prickly lettuce. It was being mistaken for a thistle. The leaves look very much like thistle leaves. There are even prickly spines going up the midrib of the leaf on the underside. It has tiny yellow flowers like a sunflower. These flowers turn into white puff balls and blow around like a dandelion or Canada thistle. Prickly lettuce is an annual plant that can grow from a foot to five feet tall depending on the growing conditions. This plant has a white latex sap when it is broken. As an annual plant it is fairly easy to pull from soft soils. For more information go to http://www.weldweeds.org. ❖

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