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Weed Spotlight — Yellow Toadflax

Tina Booton
Weed Division Supervisor, Weld County Public Works
Medium to tall, tufted Perennial, with a creeping rhizomatous Rootstock. The Plant grows in grassy Habitats and waste Ground, Hedge banks and cultivated Land. Common Toad flax can be found throughout Europe. In early Times it was used as Herbal Medicine.Related images:
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Yellow toadflax is an escaped ornamental, creeping perennial plant that spreads through its root system as well as by seeds. This plant is also known as butter and eggs. The plant has narrow long leaves. The yellow snap dragon-like flowers typically have a bearded, orange throat. This plant flowers June through September. The plant usually grows up to 1-2 feet tall, but can be taller in the right conditions. In Weld County, this plant can be found in isolated infestations along the South Platte River. Go to http://www.weldweeds.org for eradication information.

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