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Welcome 2021

It’s a new year and I for one am raring to go.

No, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions. I figure just making it through 2020 in one piece is enough. I was going to look back at last year’s Editor’s Note to see if I made any resolutions, and if I did to see if I kept them, but thought better of it. I suggest all of our readers do the same.

It’s time to just forge ahead with as much optimism, kindness, joy and common sense as we can muster.

We must be optimistic and relay that optimism to others, especially those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and those whose businesses have been impacted by shut downs. We need people to know that there is hope and help.

Kindness is especially important. People are not always going to agree on everything, but that’s no reason that we can’t all work together. We can agree to disagree and just leave it at that. Liberals are not going to convince conservatives to change their ways and vice versa.

Joy is crucial. People who mope around waiting for more death and destruction aren’t helping anyone.

And common sense should become the buzzword for the new year. Everything we do must be thought through carefully. We have to consider the consequences of our actions and make sure they don’t harm others.

At all times we need to remember that the next generation is listening and watching everything we say and do.

I guess that would be my resolution for this year.

So let’s make put the pandemic, rioting, looting and nastiness of 2020 behind us and make 2021 the best year ever.

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