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Weld County breaks ground on water storage project

Kayla Young | Editor
The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District and Weld County commissioners celebrated the groundbreaking of a new water storage site.
Kayla Young |

The Geisert gravel pits, located outside of the Weld Food Bank on H Street, are expected to hold 1,100 acre-feet of water in two holding cells. The facility will serve in large part to provide augmentation water for farmers in Weld County and other parts of the conservancy district’s coverage area.

District public information officer Kathy Parker said 98 percent of the water in the project will be used for agriculture. Parker added that the facility will provide 50 years of storage supply and additional senior water rights for the area.

Executive director Randy Ray called the project important for agriculture and for future water storage.

Funding for the $4.5 million project comes from a $60 million bond measure approved by voters in 2012. Since the bond passed, Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said the county has made water storage a priority and sought out opportunities to partner with entities such as the conservancy district to push projects forward.

Fellow Commissioner Sean Conway said the project provides support to Weld’s agricultural economy.

“People forget that agriculture is still king in terms of the economy in Weld County,” he said.

The district and county are working on developing an additional gravel pit site for water storage. The Hoekstra Pit near Firestone would provide 1,500 acre-feet in storage. ❖