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Weld County Livestock Associaton Annual Auction

The Weld County Livestock Association will conduct its annual auction on the performance of steers on Friday, March 28th. These steers are currently on test at Miller Feedlots near LaSalle.

The Friday evening auction will begin with a social hour at 6 PM at the Bayou House in Lucerne. The evening concludes with the auction.

Producers Livestock Marketing Association will auction the animals. Anyone interested in beef production is encouraged to attend the event. The Weld County Livestock Association will provide the buffet.

Proceeds from the auction help the association with beef promotion as well as youth awards and scholarships.

This year’s auction will feature 23 steers placed on the association’s feedlot and carcass evaluation test last November. Participants will be able to bid on the expected performance of the animals.

The calves on test were weighed at mid-test on March 12. The test will be completed in May when the steers are harvested, and the carcass data is collected.

Prizes will be awarded on average daily gain, carcass merit, overall champion, and overall reserve champion as well as a breeder award. Those prizes will be announced at the end of the contest in May.

More information is avilable from Ray Peterson, president of the Weld County Livestock Association, at (970) 737-0395


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