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Western Nebraska summer

Sheila King
Hemingford, Neb.

Summertime in western Nebraska

and so many things to do!

Take a boat ride on the Platte

see the Riverside Zoo.

Climb up Scottsbluff Monument

and have a look around,

see what the pioneers saw

when they first came to town.

Head out to old Fort Robinson,

wet a line in Soldiers Creek.

Check out Toadstool Park

there are views that can’t be beat.

If you like unusual

then Carhenge you must see.

Or celebrate on Arbor Day –

go and plant a tree!

We’ve lots of fairs and rodeos.

I think there’s one in every town,

good food, and fun and frolic

everywhere around.

We’ve got courses to play golf on,

and lakes to catch a fish,

horseback rides and tubing

if water is your wish.

If shopping is your thing,

plenty can be found.

Or taste wine at a winery

made from any fruit that’s found.

We are blessed to live

in a state with lots to see.

Something here for everyone

from birth to 103!

We have a lot of history

and places to explore

so come and spend some time,

It’s all out your front door.

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