What the heck?

How does an ecoterrorist, Tracy Stone-Manning, become director of the Bureau of Land Management? You all need to read Rachel Gabel’s story on this most important issue on pages ????

It’s like hiring a fox to guard your chicken coop.

As if this wasn’t weird enough, the agency that is supposed to have our — the agriculture industry’s — backs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has invested $10 million in “cultivated meat.”

Shouldn’t really be a surprise as the USDA endorsed meatless Mondays in 2012.

The USDA has provided Tufts University $10 million to further develop alternative proteins. I looked up Tufts, which is in Massachusetts, on the Internet and the first story that came up was about a student that died after choking on a hot dog during a charity event. I am not joking folks. This might be the incident that inspired their hatred for real meat. I also learned that their mascot is Jumbo the elephant.

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to think that the people who run the USDA are too far removed from agriculture to properly do their jobs.

I spent several months in Washington, D.C., during my internship and was told that I would probably not have a career in government because I didn’t suck up to my “member,” which was a representative from North Dakota, and I skipped my “member’s” intern barbeque to attend the Save the Trees rally on the capitol steps. I wasn’t a tree hugger but River Phoenix was one of the speakers so I made an executive decision to skip the intern event.

The incident that prompted others to determine that I would never work in Washington happened when my “member” asked me to “walk with him” to the capitol where he was going to vote on something. He told me he wouldn’t be long and to wait for him, but after an hour of waiting I walked back to the office without him. Everyone at the office were asking me where he was and freaked out when I told them that I didn’t wait for him. And about an hour later my “member” called the office and told them to fetch me from the capitol steps because he was running late.

These events have convinced me that our government is out of touch and we need to make some significant changes.

I hate to pick on President Joe Biden, but after putting a cap on our oil and gas industry and making climate change one of the nation’s most important problems, he brags about how many millions of miles he has spent flying on an airplane and riding on a train since he became vice president for former President Barack Obama. And to top that off, he is asking OPEC to produce more oil to lower our gas prices.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks.


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