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Wiggins FFA Hired Hand Auction

Destinie Langford CVT, Wiggins FFA Alumni Reporter

Heart pounding….only three steps to the top of the creaking pine block, I was already short of breath. I stood atop the center stage, the reason so many had gathered- I was going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. I longed to serve in the ranks of those who had come before me, others who proudly wore their blue and gold jacket, and stood in my place. This was a rite of passage.

On March 21st 2001, at the Wiggins Elementary Gym, it will happen all over again! The Wiggins FFA Hired Hand Auction and Steak Sandwich Supper will commence at 6pm. Local auctioneer Chuck Miller, of Auctioneers Miller & Associates, will be on hand to give voice to the fundraiser as new generations of young agriculturists take their place on the auction block to raise money for the Wiggins FFA Chapter and the FFA Alumni. Proceeds will allow students of the Wiggins FFA to travel to conferences, and take part in the many activities that FFA provides for our youth to explore agricultural opportunities and inspire the leaders of the future. Purchasing the services of an FFA member entitles the buyer to up to 8 hours of labor, but more than that- to the great sense of pride that comes from supporting your community, and the youth that we place our hopes in.

Wiggins FFA adviser Rockie Ernst has these words to say about the impact the auction gala provides for the chapter. “Fundraisers at the local level are becoming more important as the budget cuts are felt by the school districts, and opportunities for education can become more difficult to attend.” The Wiggins FFA Alumni sponsors the Steak Supper that is provided at the event. The proceeds from the supper benefit the Wiggins FFA Alumni scholarship funds that are annually provided for college education and to off-set cost of regional and national conferences such as Washington Leadership Conference in Washington DC. Because of the wonderful community participation in past years, the Wiggins FFA students have continued to be a part of the regional, state and national FFA traditions that were attended by past members, and the horizon keeps expanding.

If you are interested in being a part of this community tradition, come on out to the Wiggins Elementary Gym on March 21st, at 6pm. Steak Sandwich Supper tickets are $8. To buy tickets, or to obtain more information regarding the event, feel free to contact the Wiggins AG department- 970-483-7762 x4213.

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