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Wild Horse Scenic Tour

Molly J. BredehoftTwo wild horses enjoying the sunny day.

The sky is overcast and the wind is gently stirring the prairie grasses. The clouds in the sky throw shadows across the spacious Lucite Hills and the Green River Basin, creating aesthetic views looking from the top of White Mountain. A look down into the vast Red Desert brings to mind the reality of the unrestrained distances between the horizons – a distance in which wild horses can be found roaming the prairie without restraint.

Driving across White Mountain, on the Wild Horse Scenic Tour, is an awe-inspiring way to visit the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) White Mountain herd management area. Over 392,000 acres complete the management area and is home to some of the wild horses living in Wyoming. The tour begins just outside of Rock Springs, Wyo., and ends in Green River, Wyo. Taking the 26 mile loop tour, visitors are likely to see wild horses roaming the prairie while learning about the history of the wild horse and the area.

The BLM explains the existence of horses became well-established in Wyoming in the 1700s, although they were in existence before; there was a period of time when they were not found in Wyoming. Horses were a primary mode of transportation and were relied upon for packing necessary supplies for Native Americans, mountain men, cowboys, and settlers moving across Wyoming.

Wild horses seen on the tour, according to the BLM, are likely descendants of the domestic stock first introduced into Wyoming; with some showing evidence from more current lines of stock. Horses on the tour range in a variety of color; however, bay (dark brown with black mane and tail) is the most common color of the horses seen and accounted for.

Landmarks along the tour include: Boar’s Tusk, Lucite Hills, Pilot Butte and Wilkin’s Peak. Many of the landmarks were used by trappers and explorers to verify their location as they came over the Wind River Mountains. In addition to learning about the wild horses and location of landmarks on the tour, the history of the area is also told on well posted signs along the way.

Following the Wild Horse Scenic tour is an exciting way to enjoy the wild horses in the seclusion of the Wyoming prairies; be awed by the vast prairie views; and take some time to roam the prairie without restraint.

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