Winter best time to choose and install spray nozzles |

Winter best time to choose and install spray nozzles

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. – Producers who haven’t taken advantage of new nozzle tips will probably want to take a closer look at this technology, said a University of Nebraska-Lincoln specialist.

“You can have an array of other features, even a very expensive sprayer, but the quality of the job depends on the nozzle tip,” said Bob Klein, Western Nebraska crops specialist.

Winter is a good time to research this technology, he said. While snow’s on the ground, producers can decide on new nozzle tips and get them on the sprayer so they’re ready to make pesticide applications in the spring.

There have been a lot of developments in nozzle tips during the past several years as more post-emergent herbicides and Roundup Ready® crops have become available. Some of the new air induction nozzle tips can increase efficacy and reduce spray drift. One advantage is that unlike many other nozzle tips, they don’t change that much in particle size as pressure changes.

Another new technology in air induction nozzle tips is the extended range ones that can be used under lower pressure. While most air induction nozzles are best used at about 50 pounds per square inch, or a little more, producers can set the rate controller to spray at 30 psi for the average speed if they use the low pressure/extended range nozzle tips.


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