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Wish I could have been an FFA member

This is a big week for FFA members as National FFA Week commences on Feb. 17 and continues until Feb. 24.

This week more than 653,000 FFA members from all over the U.S. will be hosting activities and events that raise awareness about the role the FFA plays in developing future agriculture leaders and the importance of agricultural education, according to the National FFA Organization.

I was never involved in FFA as a teenager because back in my day it was called Future Farmers of America and, for some reason, only included boys.

I was, however, invited to join the Future Homemakers of America but I knew that was never going to be my calling as my homemaking skills were lacking.

I found that out when I was in 4-H. My big demonstration was making meatloaf. I practiced and practiced memorizing my demonstration and speech, forcing my family to eat meatloaf for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When the big day finally came and I had to perform before the judges, I was terrified. But I took a deep breath and plowed ahead. I was pretty proud of myself until I was cleaning up my stuff and realized I had forgotten three ingredients.

No blue ribbon for me, and no future as a homemaker.

And, as I’ve told you before, I can’t go near a stove without starting something on fire.

I did better at sewing but everything I sewed ended up in the trashcan several times before I finished. I could do it, but I just didn’t have the patience for it.

It got so bad that my family called my sewing machine the “swearing machine.”

Fortunately, the Future Farmers of America changed to FFA to be more all-inclusive, and I’m pretty sure the Future Homemakers of America doesn’t exist anymore at least not by that name.

I wish I could have had the opportunity to be an FFA member in high school. The program truly gives teenagers confidence and prepares them for the future. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Scholarship Banquet at the Colorado Farm Show and listened to each scholarship winner talk about their activities and awards. All but one of them was an FFA member. They exuded such confidence and they all had a well-thought-out plan for their future.

That being said, if you get an opportunity to attend an FFA Week event or activity, go for it. ❖


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