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Wolves threaten livestock industry in Colorado

By Bernard Parsons

Your “Editor’s Notes” are great observation summaries of current occurrences.

If the numbers are right in the “deaths of 18 head of 600-pound-calves on a ranch in Meeker” this is a major serious disaster. Six hundred pound bovines are big and powerful. Five plus tons of a valuable produce wasted by predators on state welfare is an attack against humanity.

Market value at $160/100 is $17,000-plus. An attack like this on my ranch will put me out of business.

We are predicting a settlement may occur after a long investigation. The government bureaucrats are running and hiding. The job of a wildlife officer is a paid vacation. They waste their time, delay any investigation, pass the buck (not a deer), and never get in a hurry except to show up a cocktail hour. In the end, the bureaucrats may require all parties agree to never disclose the terms and conditions of the settlement.

Se how much trust we have in government!

Defending our livestock is an ongoing occupation for all ranchers. Feral dogs are always invading our pastures. Now the wolf has a government subsidy to raid every ranch in the state. Only the ranchers will sustain loses.

Any wolf kill should be an automatic fine of $1,500 per animal to then be followed by an additional payment to the ranchers the expected market value of the dead animal.

Do we have to load a bunch of wolves on a bus and export them to the parks in Denver to get “low information” voters and legislators to quit penalizing rural small business folks and ranchers?

I have a lot more history to report and questions to ask.

Parsons is formerly from Weston, Colo., now residing in Arizona.

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